About Zada

We are a customer-obsessed company focusing on delivering WOW experience to all of our stakeholders. Achieving the triple wins “win-win-win” by inspiring & showing the possibility to simultaneously deliver happiness to customers, employees, stakeholders, shareholders, environment and the community in a long-term sustainable way.
Our mission is what drives us to do everything possible for the happiness of human potential.

Zada .. Delivering Happiness

ZADA Beauty touching consumers at the areas of personal care, beauty, and cosmetics products with customer centric focus to play the role of being trusted partner for our stakeholders, aiming to deliver WOW level through our services. We aim to deliver services that make difference for our consumers to make them Happy.

Our Mission

We aim to deliver Happiness / WOW experience through services

Our Objectives

  • Delivering WOW experience.
  • Deliver trusted, sustainable high-quality products & services.
  • Providing integrated solutions, and values to make customer life easier.
  • Helping our customers to improve their life, and to live with love.
  • Increasing customer awareness is a priority.
  • Providing safe products for our customers.
  • Reducing the negative effect on the environment.
  • Achieving the triple wins “win-win-win”

Our Employees

Our employees work in an environment filled with cooperation, fun and love, in accordance of our values:

  1. Deliver WOW through services
  2. Integrity, Honesty & Building Trust
  3. Embrace and drive change
  4. Create fun
  5. Be humble
  6. Be passionate for Winning and determined
  7. Build a positive team and family spirit
  8. Be adventure, creative and innovative
  9. Focusing, and right first time
  10. Pursue growth, learning and continues improvement



We deeply value creativity and innovation as well as engagement.

If your idea adds value / implementable, you will deserve a kind of award

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