Schaebens Eyes And Lips Facial Mask With Jojoba Oil Extract, 6Ml – 4 Pieces

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Brand: Schaebens
Item Type: Facial Mask
Size: 6Ml
Formation: Cream
Number of Pieces: 4 Pieces


This eye and lip mask reduces wrinkles and smoothes the skin with jojoba oil, Q10, panthenol, hamamelis and vitamin E, reduces wrinkles by 30%, smoothes lines around the eyes and lips, reduces dark circles and tear sacs, increases skin elasticity for all skin types.

Product Features & Benefits:

– Reduces wrinkles around the eyes, lips and skin by up to 30%.

– Reduces dark circles.

– Animated, refreshing and rejuvenating.

How to use:

Wash your face first and make it clean, then apply it evenly around the eyes and lips, after about 10 minutes, rub the rest of the mask or reduce it gently with a tissue, and apply it 2-3 times a week.

In stock

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